Nov 26, 2017

Too Early ~

The best dreams happen when you're awake...

I have a special furry friend all the way in California.  His name is Taino, Tino 
for short as his mama, my dear friend Anna calls him.  The other day Tino sent me
a little something to remind me of what it is to love and lose a special fur baby.

  Tino reminded me that love never ends, and that the heart never forgets. 
Tino also lost his special fur friend years ago.  His name was Buddy.  I hope
Buddy, Brutus and Shadow are playing together.   Also, I had 5 other fur babies.
  Reba, McGyver, Lil Mister, Buddy and Tiger.  I hope they are all together.
  I loved them all, but my Brutus took my heart.

Our week was pretty busy.  Today hopefully will be relax time.
Sniff is good.  Arvid still not fully recovered from the cold, but getting there.

Thanksgiving was good.  We catered for the tenants, but as usual there was more
food than even they could eat.  At Almost Home we had almost 2 turkeys left over.
  I gave away everything.  Pies, turkey, fruit salad and all the sides.  Somehow I am
still left with an entire turkey.  One of the tenants told me she will be making
a turkey chili with it and sharing it with the other tenants.  I'm happy.

It's not even 3:30 in the morning as yet, and I am fully awake having coffee.
Sniff of course came with me to my office for some cuddling and then
 took off to go back to bed with Arvid.  Hopefully I too will soon
 be going back to sleep, but for now I will enjoy the quietness
 of the morning with my coffee and my book.

Good morning world.  Happy Sunday to all.

Why does the world see a thing more clearly in dreams than the 
imagination when awake.  My eyelids are heavy, but my thoughts heavier...