Dec 30, 2017

Cold Saturday ~

I wasn't made for winter, I want my flip flops...

We have spent the entire day so far at home, and definitely not planning on going
 out anywhere for the rest of the day.  Way cold right now and will only get 
colder.  At the hotel we have taken all precautions and hopefully
 the pipes will not freeze.  Our maintenance couple are always 
one step ahead.  We are very happy with them.

Arvid is bundled up and Sniff is all curled up in his comfy bed.
I made lunch at home which is a treat.  So tired eating out that 
I think my stomach has finally started to protest.  With more
 time on our hands we will be eating in more often.

Happy Saturday to all.  Stay warm and safe.

It is so cold.  I think hell actually is freezing over...