Dec 11, 2017

Hello New Week ~

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow 
is a new day with no mistakes in it yet...

Not sure if I am ready to face the new week.  I am still not feeling so well,
but I am determined to make it into work. Even if for a few hours.  Truth is that
Tiffany and Chris are more than capable to take care of everything.

Letting go right now seems to be a problem.  Arvid says I have
 made a problem where there is none.  He could  be right.

Sunday we spent at home even though is was a beautiful and warm day.
I had no desire to go out.  Arvid went to his hotel for a few hours.  All was good.
He has no problem giving up control to his office manager.  He said 
soon e will be going in less and less.  Will just go and keep an eye 
on this every so often. Wish I could think like that.

We spent most of yesterday relaxing and talking about one day going back 
home for a visit.  Arvid is so ready.  He hates the cold.  I’m also pretty 
excited about the possibility of making a trip in January.

We are both super happy with the ne maintenance/ property manager
Couple at Almost Home.  They cope and handle everything, and their calm.
At Arvid’s place his couple can also handle everything, but they are opposite of mine.

The cold has wrecked havoc on my system.  My stomach is a mess.  My chest
Hurts like hell.  My throat is sore and swallowing is difficult.  Everything I 
eat seems to upset my stomach.  Yes, it’s rough on the body right now.

My nose is blistered and all bloody from constant blowing, and seems 
As if I have broken out with a rash all around my face.  Not 
A pretty sight right now.  Thank goodness for makeup.

Wishing everyone a great start of the new week and may the rest of 
your week be one of productivity and of your goals being met.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is 
supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that is...