Dec 13, 2017

Having One Of Those Days ~

Memory is the diary we all carry with us...

It's only Wednesday and t seems as if the week has been going on forever.
Time sure goes by slowly when one is "idle"  Missing my work and
 my tenants. Definitely hoping to make it in tomorrow. 

Starting to feel as if I am losing control at my hotel. 
Arvid says everything runs smoothly.  I believe him, but still.
It's a beautiful sunny day outside.  No wind.  Just calm.

As Frosty and I enjoyed the sunshine, Sniff was watching us from his
favorite window sill.  I also want to believe that Brutus and
Shadow were also there watching.  I miss them and I think
of those kitties often.  Shadow was such a little thing.

Sometimes having a lot of time on hand can be not so good.  It makes your
 mind wander to places you though were securely "shut down"  Does
 not work all the time.  The mind and the heart does what it wants.

The mind replays what the heart can't delete...