Mar 12, 2018

A New Week Begins ~

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen...

Yesterday was extremely cold.  The temperature was not that low,
 but with the wind and the clouds if felt extra cold.  Even I did not
 like it that much.  All Arvid could say was, "this will be our last winter 
here."  The man is not made for the cold.  Viking or no Viking.

Yesterday I was in the mood for "all you can eat crab."  
We did go. The crab is nothing like the ones we get in Florida. 
 Understandably, but even so I was a little disappointed. 

 We had been there before, and at that time the carb was delicious.  
I'm guessing this will be our last time at that restaurant.
On our way home we saw a family of 8 deers.

I don't feel that bad because earlier in the week I also had 
crab at Red Lobster.  There it was delicious and just as 
good as the ones I usually get in Florida.

On Friday after working hard all week we decided to go out for 
a few drinks and dessert.  For Arvid nothing better than beer on tap, 
and the fact that they had Modelo Especial made it even
 better for him.  I stick to my Pina Coladas.

Sniff has not been eating like the way he used to.  Now he just
 sniffs the food and walks away.  Not sure what is going on 
with him, but I don't like it.  Not happy when he does not 
eat his foodies.  I'm thinking it's soon time for the vet.

Life in Branson continues its usual pace.  Hotel work is running smoothly. 
 Almost Home is full as usual and everything is going pretty good.

Back to work today.  The weekend was relaxing and very productive. 
Today begins a new week.  New experiences and so much to learn.  

Happy Monday all.  Let's strive for total AWESOMENESS!!!

Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment,
to excellence, intelligent planning,  and focused effort...