Mar 24, 2018

Hello Saturday ~

Life is like a camera.  Focus on what's important.
Capture the good times.  Live it to the fullest...

I took Sniff Sniff to the vet the other day.  He hated being in the car,
 and getting him into his carrier is a chore all by itself.  Once we got
 into the examining room and the vet assistant took him to draw blood
 and do a few other things he was calm and hardly made a fuss.  

When the doctor was done, Sniff jumped down from the examining 
table and came straight to me.  As if seeking reassurance.  This 
was the first time I have held Sniff for more than a few 
seconds without him jumping down.  It felt very
 good.  I do love our little Sniff so very much.

Yesterday he was not feeling so well.  He hardly ate anything and he 
did throw-up a couple of times.  Not the usual happy Sniff.  I of course 
fretted and worried, but the doctor did say this may happen.  After all 
Sniff had 2 shots and they made him queasy and lethargic.

Hopefully today he will be up and about.  Chasing birds and watching
 squirrels.  Not happy when our little Sniff is not feeling well.

Almost Home is full.  Thankfully everything is quiet and calm. 
 We do have 14 people as of yesterday on our waiting list. 
 Yes, this is Branson's start of the tourist season.  

Everything is open again and the town is full of people on Spring Break.
  Traffic is horrendous and the lines to go to the restaurants and grocery 
stores are a nightmare, but if you own a business ~ this is the best
 to times.  From now until December 31st the city will be booming.

Good morning world.  Spring is here.  I see it and feel it.

Give everyday the chance to become the most beautiful of you life...