Mar 3, 2018

Feeling Good ~

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Shine like the whole universe is yours...

Though the weather has not been as cold lately, everyone is
 still looking forward to warmer days.  Here at Almost Home 
the main attraction is the opening of our pool.  

We have already started looking in to everything that needs
 to be done, and getting all supplies needed.  Now
  know why I've always said "no pool" for us.  

Thankfully we have always lived in a condo, so never had to fuss
 about taking care of a pool.  Having to deal with the everyday
 "well being" of pools; I know that it is not something for us.  

Thankfully we have a good maintenance man and together with
  Arvid everything is going to be all right.  For now, everyone at 
Almost Home just looks forward to the day it will be open.

For the next few weeks it will be time to make sure everything
 is ready for the pool.Making sure we get all our inspections taken care
 of when the time comes and to start doing a few little things needed to make 
the pool sparkle.  Yes, the fun times at the pool will soon be here.

To all a good day.  Saturdays~ soccer for Arvid and today we take
 our gang from Almost Home to lunch.  Chicken wings on the menu.  
No matter what, chicken still happens to be my favorite food.

Sniff has been awake for a while roaming and getting into trouble. 
 He has had the flashlight shining into his face a few times.  Seems like 
that stops him for a bit.  He got up when I did.  Ate some foodies, 
had brushing and is now back to sleeping.  Happy Kitty.  

Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, 
and be with whoever makes you smile.  The happier
 you are the more beautiful you become...