Apr 21, 2018

Feeling Good ~

The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction not 
a destination.  Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy...

What a week.  Have no idea how it went by so fast.  

Kinda scary
 in a way.  Time just flies.  Yesterday I took one of my tenants out to lunch.  

She is always talking about Indian food so of course I took her to my favorite Indian restaurant.  Arvid thinks she's cool.

Tomorrow we take our maintenance couple and their
 2 kids out for dinner.  They all like a good steak as do we so that's the plan.
  Steak for everyone tomorrow.

Usually on Saturdays I do not go in, but today I will for a little.
  We have an open room at Almost Home, and just thought I would go 
and help out and make sure it's all ready.  I called 3 people on our waiting 
list and they all are coming to see the room later today, so I need to make
 sure it's up and ready to go.  Arvid will be at the auction again.

It's warming up.  Finally.  I see summer in our horizon, but
I have to say Spring sure missed us.  Hopefully we will see some spring.

It's nice having just one hotel.  Now we have time to do some fun stuff again.
We have been looking forward to next weekend for a very long time now.
We plan to do something we have not done before.  Exciting.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  
Remember to always focus on the good.

Life goes by too quickly.  So laugh, love and try new things.
Forgive, forget, and don't hold grudges.  Choose to be happy....