Apr 11, 2018

Life In Mexico ~

Vacation is over.  Back to reality.  Time to officially
 remember what day of the week it is.  A vacation is
 over when you begin to yearn for you work...

Daily walks.  As much tropical fruit as you like, good weather,
relaxation and days of leisure.  That's exactly what we have been up 
to for the last week and a half.  Soon it will come to an end, but that's
 OK as well.  It will now be good to go back to our "regular" life.

Gone will be the days of soccer, fruity drinks and watching dolphins.
Going back home to colder temperatures, (YES!!!) and work (YES!!!).

No matter where you are, where you go, the memories you
make will last forever.  Arvid and I have made some very good
memories here.  We have also had some very good times.

Owning a hotel had definitely changed us.  We both realize
 how difficult it is to just relax, mainly me.  We need to be doing something
constantly, and thought Mexico is a beautiful destination, I would
much rather be home working and staying busy.

Truth is i have been working.  I have gotten more phone calls,
texts and inquiries from tenants than ever.  Seems as if everyone
needs something from me.  If you can imagine, this makes me
very tense, and at the same time makes the desire to go home
 even stronger.  I am also missing our Sniff Sniff.

I can't wait to go home to him.  Sniff fills a void Brutus left, and
yesterday I missed Brutus so very much.  Arvid and I were talking about
him, and next thing you know the tear were rolling down, I was wanting to
 hold him so badly.  This November will be 3 years my baby died.

As always when it comes to time to leave there is a little sadness,
but trust me we have so much to do back home that it does not
 last for long. We will be getting back to nice weather as well.

Definitely a big plus.  But for now, gone are the days of sitting
on the balcony, watching people pass by, boats take off and all that
 stuff that screams VACATION!  Yes we are going home
soon and we are very happy about that. Happy day.

Happy day to all.  Arvid and I are excited to be heading home.

I'm going home and hugging my Sniff.  
I'm probably going to get a meltdown..