Apr 14, 2018

Just For Fun ~

Just play.  Have some fun.  Enjoy the game...

I just could not resist these signs.  Saw them and had
 to take pictures. Showed then to Arvid.  When he saw
 the one with family he laughed and said, "exactly" 
gave us a good laugh.  Exactly what we needed.

I take random pictures of any and everything.
 Most of them gets deleted, but some are so darn cute
or funny I know that one day they will find their
way into my blog.  Pictures are my thing.

Anyone who knows me knows that before the
day is over I could have taken hundreds of them. 
Most are unusable, but some are pretty OK.  As Arvid
would say it keeps me busy and gives me something
 to keep me busy.  You see I am constantly restless.

We will be spending the day at home.  Once again,
but together we always seem to have good times.

COVID cases are still decreasing in Florida.  YAY,
 but on a not so good note, more people have been hospitalized,
 and yesterday surpassed all the records for the number of
deaths related to COVID in Florida.  One day at a time.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, 
show life that you have a thousands reasons to smile...