Sep 10, 2018

A New Week Begins ~

Let this Monday be kind to you, be happy with what you 
have and accept the things which you cannot change...

Sniff and I have been awake for a few hours already. 
 Sniff is getting a little better in his new surroundings, but even
 so he still stays under the bed quite a lot.  His most favorite 
spot when not under the bed is his condo. He loves to sit and 
look out, but mostly he enjoys sleeping in it.  He must feel 
secure there.  After all, he was the last to use it.

Sniff has this "surprised" look on his face.  It appears he is 
always spooked.  We miss Arvid, and we miss home.  

Sniff is still not eating like he normally would, and not using 
the litter pan on a regular basis.  I'm sure it will get better everyday.
  I hope that by the time I have to go back to Branson 
Sniff is more secure and better adjusted.

Aside from unpacking the many boxes that we brought 
back from Branson, I have also been able to do a few of the things 
I really enjoy.  Visit a few people, go to the beach, enjoy 
a few meals at my favorite places, and some more. 

 In the last two years Fort Lauderdale has changed quite a bit.
  There is construction going on everywhere.  Today I meet a friend
 downtown.  Looking forward to checking out the area because
 I also know it is going through quite a huge transformation.

Good morning everyone.  

Life offers you so many doors, it is up to 
you which to open and which one to close...
  • ~Nadiya~