Sep 9, 2018

Sunday Blues...

Occasionally, you have to make
 adjustments and try different things.  I think 
I'm constantly in a state of adjustment...

Sniff and I are having a difficult time at "home"  
Sniff is not yet comfortable with his surroundings.  He keeps 
hiding under the bed just about all the time.  He did not eat for 
2 days and he did not use the litter pan for over 36 hours.  

I had to force food into him and water with a syringe. 
 Did not like that at all.  Not him.  Not I. I miss home, and
 I know Sniff does as well.  For some reason, I can't seem to 
"feel at home" here.  I guess I am a little stressed about Sniff.
  I don't like it when he does not eat nor do his usual 
stuff.  I know it's a big change for him.

Yesterday when my nephew and his girlfriend visited us, 
Sniff who is usually super friendly did not come around 
much.  He just sat in his condo and looked at them from far.
 Eventually he did come around a bit, but everyone who
 knows him, knows that Sniff is a people "person"

I have to say I miss home, but on the other hand I am home.
 It's taking me some getting used to again, but Sniff is here so this
 is now our home.  All we need is Arvid to complete us.  Soon
 all 3 of us will be together.  Then I'm sure it will be better.

Happiness comes from... some curious adjustment to life...