Sep 12, 2022

Monday September 12th ~

 Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy 
with the beautiful things that make you, you...

Sniff is always there to keep me company.  He wakes 
up when I do.  Gets his brushing and goes right back to sleep.
  Sometimes, like yesterday morning, he stayed close to me.  Other 
times he goes back to the bedroom with his dada.  Depends
 on his mood at that moment.  Whatever makes him happy.

Custard makes me happy especially if it's Andy's custard. 
 To this day I have not tasted anything better than Andy's.  
Not here, not Florida or anywhere else.  Another thing in 
Branson that is superb.  The fact that Arvid is the one 
always saying, "let's go to Andy's" is even better 🍦

It's always the simplest things in life that makes me 
the happiest.  Andy's custard, a little drive around town, 
enough to make any day a better, brighter day.

My daily battle now is to chase away the black birds from
 eating all the bird seeds.  My Fatboys, Daisys and the little ones
 are scared to come when these big ugly black birds are around. 
 There are quite a lot of them and they eat the food really fast.

Of course Arvid says I am nuts, maybe I am but it makes me 
feel better to chase them away.  Keeps me moving a lot 😂

Once again I am awake way to early.  Why I have no idea.
  It's not as if there is that many things that I need to urgently
 do at this hour.  On the other hand, it's nice and quiet.  
It's already getting "cold" in the mornings.  Last year 
we had beautiful warm weather until December.

Soccerwise, it has been some very quiet days for Arvid. 
 Due to the death of Queen Elisabeth, games were postponed.  
Of course Arvid not so happy, on the other hand he said to me,
 "next weekend they will make up for it."  Guessing it will be
 a busy soccer weekend.  Little things make him so happy.

To all a good day.  Find something in each day that
 makes you happy, and makes you smile.

Be happy with what you have. 
 Be excited about what you want...