Sep 13, 2022

Tuesday September 13th ~

 Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring
 when you stay withing the limits of what you already know...

It always makes me happy to go to Almost Home and to see 
some of the tenants.  Still smiling.  I see quite a few improvements
 already at Almost Home.  Tinted windows, and a gazillion of cameras. 
 Before we did have cameras, but now there are tons more.  Chris, the
 new guy there is very into keeping track of things.  We like that.

To say I was  a little surprised when Arvid suddenly asked me if
 I would like to try out a flotation therapy.  He heard it on the news
 one day and he said he though it would be interesting seeing how 
we have no hot tub.  Claims he is missing a hot tub, so this might 
compensate and at the same time relax your muscles and joints.

Well of course I said yes.  Never tried it either.  Float therapy, or 
sensory deprivation is a relatively "new" kind of therapy that helps
 relax both body and mind.  During this flotation we spent 60 minutes
 in a large tank, filled with warm, salty water.  A unique experience.

While you're inside this tank, your muscles and joints relax and
your spine elongates.  Floating in this environment means that 
you can't see 🙈anything, hear  🙉anything or feel anything. 

Fall TV programs are soon staring back.  Both of us are looking
 forward to that.  Can't seem to find that much more to stream.  
Arvid is already filling up his calendar with his favorite shows.  
His "need" to watch.  Not always my need to watch shows 😂

Today is my sisters birthday and also our nephew Sachin.
Nirvana lives in Puerto Rico and Sachin is in Vermont.

Another beautiful day here in Branson.  Wishing everyone the same.

Life imposes things on you that you can’t control, but you 
still have the choice of how you’re going to live through this...