Sep 27, 2022

Tuesday September 27th ~

 In the center of a hurricane there is absolute peace and quiet.

In just a few days or arriving to Florida we were already in
 preparation for hurricane Ian.  A few days ago it seemed like Ian 
was coming straight to us.  Today it seems like we will be "spared" 
 Of course we tried to buy a few things, mainly water.  No where 
had water.  We went to Publix, Walmart, gas stations and Walgreens.  
 Since we have a Brita filter we are filtering our own water in bulk.

Now we may have too much water in the fridge.  No place
 for food items just water.  At least we will be hydrated.  Sniff also
 will be having filtered water.  Sniff has been a bit scared.  We had 
a glimpse already of some "bad" weather.  He took off into hiding,
 and eventually came back out and sat between Arvid's legs.

When sniff and I came to Ft. Myers we both began sneezing.  
Sniff is better, but I am not.  Now Arvid is also getting the flu.  
With all the things to do, it sure is not the best of times to be sick. 
 All the time we lived in Branson, we never had even the sniffles. 

Today we go back and try to get a few supplies.  Seems
 like we will be pretty much OK.  Tampa as of now will be 
getting a beating.  My sister as her home in Tampa.

Our goal for today is to get supplies.  Continue to put 
a semblance of order to the condo and try to be hurricane
 ready all over again.  Just our luck to be back in time for
 the hurricane season.  Next year we plan on staying 
longer in Branson.  I do miss my wildlife friends.

A good day to all be safe and be ready.

Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that, despite
 our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable...