Oct 2, 2022

October 2nd ~ πŸ’ž

 Life goes on, and one should look ahead and not backward…

All day yesterday we waited for power to be  turned on. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Even so Arvid and I explored a bit and we found places  slowly opening up  Always something good no matter how far times we live πŸ‘

We walked around the downtown and surrounding are a bit. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s back in full swing. Sure looks pretty 😍

So far the days are OK, we go out for breakfast and for lunch.  Yesterday we even found a place that served cold drinks.  Yes, it could have been worse.  But we make the best it πŸ‘

Aa far as Sniff is concerned life goes on as “normal”  He’s adjusting really well and has found many good spots to sleep and hide out  he’s a happy boy and we’re always with him making sure he has what he needs and to love him.

Today we hope we will be getting power. We can see the trucks working 24/7, but we are still in the dark.  With each new day we hope for the best.  At least the diesel fuel was able to get to the building so the generators are working which means we still have running water.  The elevator in our tower is out of order so we continue to do the steps  a LOT of steps.  Boy am I out of shape 😳

Life goes on.. Live it well…