Oct 9, 2022

Sunday October 9th~ πŸ’ž

 Never give up on the things that make you smile...

Saturday was a good day. Finally Arvid was 
able to watch a few soccer games. Today also he 
has a few lined up.  He’s as happy as can be.

Sniff is doing great. He has found a new place hide out.
  The tucks himself within the folds of the blanket.  He rolls 
up into a little burrito and sleeps there for hours.

Arvid and I have been discovering our new area.  
Walks in the afternoons, checking out a few 
places here and there.  So far we like it.

Fort Myers is know as city of palms.  There are some
 very beautiful palm trees lining the path to downtown.
Why is Fort Myers called the City of Palms?

Through Edison's efforts, the royal palms lining Riverside 
Avenue (now McGregor Boulevard) were imported and planted.
 They inspired Fort Myers' nickname as "City of Palms".
 After testing around 17,000 plant samples, Edison
 eventually discovered a source in the goldenrod plant.

Arvid, Sniff and I have been enjoying a lot of good times on
 the balcony.  Arvid can sit there for hours.  Always something to see. 

More from what Ian did.  People are now being removed from
 their homes due to safety concerns.  Marinas in Fort Myers are now 
telling people that they can no longer remain in their boats, and
 this is their only home.  Marinas are no longer safe for now.

I have been awake  since 3 AM Eastern time.  Not too happy 
about that, but Sniff kept me company for a while.  He had some 
foodies and was brushed.  Now he's running like a madman.  Yeah, it's
 a good start of the day.  Good morning all and a happy Sunday.

~πŸ’ž NadiyaπŸ’ž ~