Jul 11, 2024

July 11th~ Horten, Norway

It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There
 would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain...

 So far this summer in Norway has not really been 
summer as far as I am concerned.  It has been really
cold and very wet.  Cold as in the low 50F or 10C.  
I'm from Florida and I want my warm weather.

It's sweaters and jacket weather.  I'm sure that it is 
going to warm up on of these days.  There are moments 
of sunshine, but not yesterday.  It made for a good day 
to spend with Michelle, Emil and the girls.

Neither did the rain nor the cold stop us from having
 a good time with everyone.  Amelia kept taking me to her room,
 where we watched Cocomelon.  She even read her book to me. 
 Maybe she senses that I struggle to talk to her.  Aleah and Vanessa 
understand English and when in a good mood even speak it 😍

We had time to cuddle with Michelle's kitties, well we did with Leo. 
 He sat on me for the longest time, but ended up getting cozier with
 Arvid.  Leo loves Arvid.  Felix just popped in for food but did not 
want to be cuddled with. Of course we were happy because it 
reminds us of Sniff and now I miss him.  Again Arvid asked
 me if I thought it possible to bring Sniff.  Absolutely NOT.

Hoping for a better day (weatherwise) today.  I love the 
little ones so much, but i am missing my baby.  My Sniff.

I was awake early and had a refreshing walk.
  Came back and Arvid still asleep.  On the other
 hand, I do go out early.  As in 5:30 in the morning.  
Today the temperature was perfect for walking.

There is typically sunshine all day which
 encourages many people to go outdoors...