Jul 8, 2024

July 8th~Horten, Norway

Keep your face always toward the sunshine,
 and shadows will fall behind you...

 Your Norwegian summers are definitely not your 
Floridian summer.  Both places have their so called extremes. 
 Where as in Florida there is a heatwave, here in Norway it's
 been cold and wet so far.  In all fairness to Norway, we
 have only been here for a few days.  It should be better in
 a few days.  In the mean time, I bring my own sunshine.

It's been very good days so far.  On the day we arrived we got
 to spend time with Michelle, Emil and our three granddaughters. 
 It was a very good time.  Little Amelia ran to me and
 hugged me so tightly I did not want to ever let go.  
The girls love us and we adore them. 

 I'm so happy because this year Aleah and Vanessa have
 not been to shy, and have already spoken to me in English. 
 I love them and hearing them call me grandma (bestemor) in
 Norwegian is just the most amazing feeling.  They do it naturally
 with Arvid, but with me they have been a little more shy.

As we do every year, on our second day we all
 meet for pizza.  Everyone from the youngest to the oldest
 looks forward to it and we always have a good time.

After we saw everyone Arvid and I had a little time
 to sit back and just enjoy the view.  It was really cold,
 but the spurts of sunshine did warm us up a bit.

To all a good day and may the new week be a productive
 one.  Arvid and I will be enjoying quality time with family. 
 What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

I am grateful for every precious moment life offers me.
 It allows me to see the miracle in each experience...