Jul 6, 2024

Saturday June 6th~

I prefer physical exhaustion over mental fatigue any day...

Arvid and I have been on the go for almost 24 hours.  We are tired. 

Our day started yesterday at 5am, and after that long
 journey to Norway we are still awake.  Though it is 
11:30 pm in Norway, back home in Florida it's only
4:30 in the afternoon.  We have not adjusted as yet.

After a few hours we boarded again for JFK where
 we had another five hour wait.  Long day.

After that it was an almost 7 hour flight to Norway.
  My first sight of Norway from the plane.

I get my Sniff updates and  when I show it to Arvid
 even he says, "aww he looks so sad,"  Us saying 
goodbye as we were leaving.  Sniff sure was sad.

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit...