May 13, 2018

A Few Days In The Sun

We are ready.  Bring it on.
vacation next exit...

And suddenly it's almost time for some fun in The Sunshine State

When we were going to Mexico, Arvid's excitement was contagious.
He was totally relaxed, smiling and even happier than usual.

It had been over a year that we had a vacation.  Not sure I even
 knew what it is was to relax anymore.  Here in Branson I  have slept with
my cell phone under my pillow ever since we have had the hotels.  

When we go places now, I don't worry as much about Sniff as
 I did with Brutus, not because he's not loved.  It's because he's healthy and
 does not need medicines all the time.  Our little Brutus he's missed.

I think of Brutus so very often.  Not a day goes by that I don't. 
 I miss him, but I will be honest, the grief is not as heart wrenching.  
Well not all the time.  There are days when I want him back so
 badly, that I sometimes feel as if I am neglecting Sniff.

Shadow is a memory that I try to keep locked away, otherwise I freak out.
Life is good.  No one has everything they want, but we must all be
 grateful for what we do have.  And yes, I am always grateful.

A little time in the Sunshine State.  Strange, but as of now I still don't
 think of it as home, but we get there there are memories that hit me
like a ton to bricks.  Brutus is in every corner of the apartment.

 It does get a little overwhelming for me because everytime we
open the door I expect to see his little face.  I know it will get better.

Happy day all.  What are you grateful for?

You can't get to the happy moments in
 life until you get through the bad...