May 11, 2018

Allergy Season ~

Spring, when your nose does more running than you do...

It's not as if I wanted to be awake this early, but since
 moving to Branson, Missouri I have had the worst 
case of allergies.  From never before having 
allergies, I have it in the most extreme way. 

 I was awaken by the sneezing, itchy eyes and everything 
you can think of.  It's only 3:30 am and I do not wish
 to disturb Arvid,  so I get up, brush Sniff, feed 
Sniff, and have my cafe.  All I can say is that
 it's going to be a very long day.

Almost Home will be having on of it's inspections 
today for the pool.  Next week we will be having another
 set of inspections, so overall it will be some pretty
 busy and interesting times ahead. 

 Last year was more stressful because I had to do it all 
on my own.  The paperwork and running of the hotel. This
 year I have Arvid, so together with Chris he makes sure everything
 is up to par.  It's so good having just one hotel.  Now Arvid 
can take care of the paperwork and I just run the hotel.

Sniff ate his foodies, got his brushing but decided to 
go back to sleep.  Smart boy.  Just wish I could do the same.

Today we take the gang from Almost Home out to dinner after work.  
We all love the BBQ wings at Drafts, so that's where we will be 
heading. Hopefully I will not be sneezing throughout the meal.  

Looking forward to the weekend and to see what it holds. 
 For sure soccer and lots of sunshine.  Weather has been great.  
Actually has been downright HOT!  It's a nice change to not 
have to wear winter clothes.  Yes, summer weather is here.

To all  a very good Friday.  Hopefully you all
 have gotten more sleep than I did so far.

May your weekend be filled with positive thoughts,
kind people and happy thoughts...