May 3, 2018

Derby Week

The best thing about the Kentucky Derby is that it is only two minutes long. It is the quickest event in sports, except for Sumo-wrestling & Mike Tyson fights. Maybe Drag-racing is quicker, but I have never been attracted to it...

Here in Kentucy everything is geared for the Derby.  People are flocking 
the stores buying clothes and hats.  Yes, the Kentucky Derby has a dress code. 
 Guess who has to go shopping for dress clothes?  You got it!   Arvid and I
 will be doing some shopping as well, after all we just have jeans and casual clothes 
with us.  We need business casual for the event.  Shopping it will be.

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race that is held annually in 
Louisville, Kentucky, United States (thank you Google).  The race 
is often called "The Run for the Roses" for the blanket of roses
draped over the winner. That is a pretty site for sure.

It is also known in the United States as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes
 In Sports" or "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports" in reference to its
 approximate duration.  Yup! all that fuss about the clothes and the hat for 2 
minutes.  Gotta be worth it if you ask me.  Will find out soon enough.

 The attendance at the Kentucky Derby ranks first in North America
 and usually surpasses the attendance of all other stakes races including 
the Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and the Breeders' Cup.

The excitement in Louisville is palpable.  All everyone talks about is 
The Kentucky Derby.  that I am soon starting to be excited as well.  Clothes
 shopping, sure is fun, but sometimes when you have a purpose in
 mind it makes it even more difficult to find the right item,
 but that's all part of the fun.  Arvid shopping...well he's fast.

To all a good day.  Just when the caterpillar
 thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, the most glamorous horse 
racing event of the year draws spectators from all over the world...