May 9, 2018

Wednesday ~

Why is it that whenever you try to hold something
 dear and beautiful, it always slips away...

When I took over Almost Home November 2016 many 
of the tenants there were already there for a few years.  
Today I still have most of the "original" ones left. 

 They have been there now for some years and
 many do no plan to leave.  Sad as I sometimes
 find this, they are content and very happy.

As you may imagine, most of the "originals" have become my
 friends and I have grown very attached to them.  I also have 
had a few new tenants that came to the hotel within weeks
 of me being there.  Many also are still there, and then 
we have the ones that come for the season. 

One of the couples that came within a few weeks of me
 being there is now going through some extremely difficult 
times.  Both her and her husband are are my friends.  

Unfortunately, the husband is now in critical condition
 and will most likely not make it.  It's heartbreaking to watch
 how Liz tries to be strong.  I talk to her and she's a mess.

Her life is of stress, pain, heartache and despair right now.  
Knowing that feeling, makes me even more sensitive 
to what she is going through.  It's hell on earth.

Her husband is in the hospital about an hour 
away from Almost Home.  He's in Springfield.  Liz 
has no transportation to go back and forth to see him.  
Of course I have volunteered to be that transportation. 

 That being said, sometime today I will be going to Springfield.
  I will visit Phil and hopefully I will manage to take Liz out 
to have a bite to eat.  She's a wreck and is just on automatic 
pilot right now.  It's heartbreaking to watch.  Life is unfair.

I have been awake very early.  Laying in bed trying to think 
of what I can do to make her life a little easier.  The pain and the 
despair is something she will have to face all by herself.  

Yes, friends and family will be there, but at the end of the day
 no one knows what it is unless they live it.  No one can take 
away that heartache from her.   For now I will help with
 Jesse her kitty.  I am also helping with her rent by lowering 
it and trying to help getting it paid by her boss.

Life changes from minute to minute.  Second to second.  
Just a few weeks ago Phil was laughing.  Talking to me. The three
 of us were joking and I was making fun of him (in a nice way).  Now this.
  Remember everyone, what you take for granted, someone else is praying for.

Today her forest is black.  The trees are sad 
and all the butterflies have broken wings...