May 24, 2018

And So Begins Another Busy Day ~

With wisdom comes the desire for simplicity...

Ever since we came back home it has been really busy 
at Almost Home.  We started filling the pool since
 Monday, and hopefully today it will be all done. 

 Yesterday it rained for about a half hour. Non stop. Reminded 
me of being in Florida where it rains non stop all summer long.  
Needless to say, we had extra work sweeping up the water and 
making sure the tenants did not slip and fall.  All four of us 
had a broom and worked like crazy to make it "safe"

One minute the weather was sunny and beautiful. Without
 warning the rain came together with hail.  Non stop for a 
good half hour.  In that half hour the roads were flooded, 
signs were knocked down from some buildings.  

Cable service was interrupted for about half hour also at 
Almost Home.  Let's just say the phone did not stop ringing.  
Tenants wanting to know why their TV was not working.

All I said to them was, "did you notice the very bad weather we just had?  
Lighting and hail?  Maybe that had something to do with the cable 
service being interrupted?"  Cable service was back up and
 running within the hour.  Everyone was happy again.

This has been a busy week.  Already Thursday.  I am really
enjoying being busy.  I know one day when this part of 
our lives is over I am going to miss it very much. 

Enjoying all of it right now.  There are days of course when
 I am exhausted and fed up, but then it passes and I am back to
 looking forward to seeing everyone and to being "needed"

Wishing everyone a happy Thursday.  Soon it will be weekend mode
for us all.  Always something to look forward to.  Everyday.

You may be tired and exhausted, but at least you 
woke up today.  Someone else didn't...