May 10, 2018

Life ~

Just take one step at a time.  That's really all you can do...

Jesse turned one year old today.  Her mom and dad were 
not able to be there with her.  As I have mentioned
 before, her dad, Phil is in the hospital battling 
for his life.  Mom Liz is by his side.  

Yesterday I visited Phil in Springfield.  What I saw is 
heart breaking to describe.  From the man we all knew less
 than 2 weeks ago this "new" Phil was NOT him.  Heart 
wrenching is mild.  What Elisabeth is living right now
 is a nightmare no ever wishes to have to live.

Even in all of her grief Liz asked me if I could 
please get Jesse a treat for his birthday when I got back 
to Almost Home.  How could  not?  Jesse feasted on salmon 
in a gourmet sauce.  Not her usual according to her mama.

Look at Jesse eating.  The bowl she has once belonged to Brutus, 
then Shadow and then Sniff.  Sniff did not want t use it so Jesse
 now owns it together with a few other bowls belonging to Brutus.  
We all go on with our lives.  It is what it is.  Though we say 
someone else's tragedy touches us, we don't actually think 
of it once we "leave"  What I saw at the hospital yesterday
 is firmly an image that won't leave me in a long time.  

Phil was slipping in and out of consciousness, but 
when I spoke to him and touched him on the arm he 
turned his head toward me.  He tried to speak to me.  

You see at Almost Home we are a family.  Phil and Liz
 are dear to me.  Phil recognized my voice.  Phil wanted 
to talk to me.  That's the image I have right now.

Another day begins. No one knows what it hold.  None of us.
So whatever you do always live life to the fullest.  Enjoy 
each moment.  Make memories that will last a lifetime.  Be kind
 to each other and always make room in your hearts for compassion.

On a little lighter note.  Our nephew Max Dyal now to be
 known as Dr. Dyal, graduated from Duke University with 
a doctorate in Physical Therapy.  He passed the Boards already. 
 As soon as that was done he had 2 interviews last weekend in Florida.

Max was interviewed on Friday.  Before he even left the building
 he was offered the job.  Yes he was offered both jobs!  Dr. Dyal 
will soon be heading the Physical Therapy Department in his job.  

I am forever proud of all my nieces and nephews.  
Their accomplishments is nothing we are not used to,
 but every so often I find the urge to brag.  

Unlike many, Max and his family do not advertise their lives
 on Facebook.  You will NEVER know where they are or what they
 are doing if you base it on Facebook.  Unlike so many of us, whose
 moves can be tracked all day all night long just by a little click.

Another proud moment for our family.  CONGRATULATIONS 

And suddenly you just know it's time to start something 
new and trust the magic of beginnings...