May 7, 2018

Let's Do It ~

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows...

As the new week begins all I can think of right now is how
 much I miss the Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale and all 
the yummy tropical fruit I used to buy.  It will pass.

Guess when we went to Kentucky, and seeing that they had a market
 selling tropical fruit made me nostalgic.  Have to look up on my
 Swap Shop pictures and make a post of it.  Makes me happy. 
Stay tuned on more about 
the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop.

Here at Almost Home it is a busy week. 
 The pool is being opened soon so
 we are working on getting it all 
back to ship shape and to having 
all the inspections passed.  Yes this 

week will be a week of inspections.

  A must in this business.  Not a
 difficult task when you know 
what you're doing, but it takes time.  

With Chris and Tiffany
 everything seems so much easier 
than it was last year.

Time to get this week started
 because before you know it, 
it will soon be over, and we 
have quite a lot to do right now.

My dad has been in the hospital since Friday. Hopefully he will be home today.

May you all have a great and 
productive week ahead.  

The difference between being busy and productive is results...