May 22, 2018

HappyTuesday ~

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn...

As the new day begins I can't help but say thank you, 
and for being grateful.  I look around me and I realize how
 fortunate I am.  Fortunate to have a wonderful family who no 
matter what are always there.  Thankful for good friends. 

Fortunate to have Arvid by my side to share in the good 
and not so good times.  We bounce things off each other. Makes,
 for a very interesting life.  Thankful to wake up everyday
 and knowing that Sniff is here right next to me.

As I know and as all of you may know as well, we may not
 have everything we want, but we have everything we need.

Seems like Branson skipped Spring altogether and jumped 
straight into summer.  According to the news report last night,
 we have had a record breaking warm month of May.  

Arvid is loving it as am I.  Here in Branson even when it's warm,
 we do not have the terrible humidity like we have in Florida.  
Florida is great for winter.  Branson is best in summer. 

To all a very good day.  Hopefully winter is gone and you are also
 experiencing warm summer days wherever it is that you are.

One of the greatest gifts in life is friendship, and I have received it...