May 30, 2018

Happy Days ~

The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful;
 to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple
 pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong...

Our Memorial Day weekend we pretty good.  
We worked a little at Almost Home.  Being a quiet 
day the office was closed, but Arvid and I did go in.

Together we cleaned all 130 windows at the hotel.  
Chris and Tiffany find it very difficult to sit still as well.  
They did some work on the pool, and after a while we 
managed to make them take the rest of the day off.  

They made a BBQ at Almost Home and enjoyed 
some quiet time with family.  Arvid and I had 
lunch at home, which these days is a treat for us.  

After that Arvid took me to the movies.  We spent a couple 
of hours just laughing and totally relaxed.  My phone 

did not ring a single time.  I was very happy.

Yesterday was also a quiet day at work.  The hotel was
 full until 11am.  At that time I had one opening.  I had two
 people walking in for a room, but I refused to rent to either.  
Instead I called  a lady who had come in a few weeks ago and 
told her we finally had an opening.  By noon I had already rented
 the room.  I need the right fit of people at Almost Home.

I do not do yard work at home ever, but since the weather is
 so nice I decided to plant some flowers.  I was out for less 
than 15 minutes.  A few hours afterward I noticed that my arm 
was all red and swollen.  Once again I was stung by a spider. 
 Every time I go out in the yard I get bitten.  I knew I like concrete
 for some reason.  I like city like.  Not trees and yard stuff.

Life is good.  Everyday our little Sniff occupies more and more
of my heart.  I love him and I am grateful for him.  Sniff shows
me that it is OK to open up my heart to another kitty.

He will never be my Brutus, but on the other hand
 he is my Sniff.  One day I know I will call him my baby.
 For now Brutus is my baby and always will be, but I can
always have another baby.  Yes one day I will feel it.

To all a good day.  Remember just because we do not have exactly
 what we want does not mean we do not have what we need.

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet