May 10, 2019

And So Begins Another Friday ~

I have discovered that sitting still leaves little
 spaces for the grief to get in, so I stay busy...

Lab work and more lad work.  Yesterday I had 6 vials
 of blood drawn.  Today it will only be only three.  Because
 of a screw up I had to go back to the lab today. 

 I was pretty upset about this, but what can you do? 
 When you need something, especially lab work you
 are basically at the mercy of your doctors and hoping 
they don't screw up the orders.  In my case they did.

Lots going on with many things right now so
 no time to make lunch.  Luckily there is always 
pizza around.  My favorite is the white pizza.  Tomato 
sauce upsets my stomach.  Delicious always.

Yesterday we also made our weekly Swap Shop run.
I had my coconut and other fruit.  Mangoes were in 
abundance so I snagged a few.  All sizes all shapes.

The skies are still dark, but we have been lucky once
 again to have gotten most of our errands done before the
rain came.  Just hope this weekend there is no rain.

Friday has started with a bang already.  Quite a lot to 
do so for now will wish everyone a great start of the 
weekend.  Time to start with my chores as well.

Be so busy loving your life that you 
have no time for anger, regret or fear...