May 4, 2019

Saturdaze Like These ~

Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And 
don't lose the passion and the love for what you do...

Friday started out with torrential rains, but the day 
turned out to be pretty nice after all.  Cloudy, not too hot
 and best of all no rain.  Made for the perfect afternoon for
 sitting out and having dinner.  Of course as soon as we
 were done with our meal the rain came pouring down.

Today begins the Air and Sea Show.  Traffic on the 
beach will be a nightmare.  Of course we will not even
 go close to it.  Instead we made alternate plans.

I took the above picture yesterday from Kaluz.  
The Blue Angels have been practicing non stop.  Pretty cool
 seeing them swish by, but not enough to get us to the beach.  
At least not today, but yesterday was another story.

As usual Arvid has soccer games today.  Keeps 
him busy. I would have gone to the mall, but since 
the traffic will make it almost impossible I will skip 
it for today.  Can always brave it tomorrow.

Sniff has been "sleeping in" today.  He has not
eaten nor has wanted to be brushed.  Of course I worry
 because it's not his usual behavior.  Soon he will be going
for his yearly checkup before we leave for Chicago.  I know
all is good with him, but I just can't help worrying.

Another beautiful sunset
The day is looking really good right now. 
So far no rain and clear skies;  perfect for the
Air and Sea Show.  Happy Saturday all.  Don't
forget that one small positive thought in the
morning can change your whole day.

Every day, I like to wake up and remind 
myself to be grateful of the simple things...