May 5, 2019

Happy Day ~

Life is like an elevator: on your way up, sometimes,
 you have to stop and let some people off...

Sunday and what a great day it will be. We will 
be meeting with my sister and J for lunch. Yep! They’re
 treating Arvid and I to lunch. Though we like our 
Sundays by ourselves it is always nice
 to spend quality time with family.

Hoping the weather is good because we would
 like to take my sister for a little trip to Las Olas.  As 
Arvid said “let’s all go out for some drinks after lunch.”
I’m happy. Happy because Arvid is also looking forward
to the outing.  Not much time we have together,
 but what we have will be pure quality time.

Hopefully my sister will be spending the night with
 us.  Hope so because Arvid has been cleaning up 
his office the last couple of days in preparation for 
Nirvana. Fingers crossed she will spend the night.

We will also have most of Monday with her. 
 So excited!  I love having family time. Today we
 go back to a restaurant we all like.  It’s simple, but 
the food is delicious.  Many go to places because 
 there is a need to impress. We go to places we feel
 comfortable with and where the food is good.

I just hope it does not rain. This way we can take 
the boat to Las Olas and walk around a bit.  My 
sister likes Margaritas so definitely out to get 
a few of those. Today will be our day.

Sunday’s are always peaceful and quiet. Time we 
enjoy quality time together. Today it’s even better because
we get to spend it with J and my sister.  Unfortunately, 
Alexandra is traveling. Another destination wedding.

A beautiful day awaits us. Be happy with what
 you have.  Be excited about what you want.

Happy Cinco the Mayo all. 
I see a Margarita happening today.

Whoever is happy will make others happy.
The best things in life are not things.  It's the 
people who make you feel loved and cared for...