May 25, 2019

Memorial Weekend ~

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make 
you something else is the greatest accomplishment...

I still have no voice and the cough is still there.  The worse 
is this tickling cough.  Does not give me any rest.  That 
being said it has not stopped us from running around. 

 I would prefer to be home resting, but at the same time 
I am bored so when Arvid suggested another road
 trip to Fort Myers yesterday, I was game.

The day turned out to be very enjoyable, and as always there
 was some business that needed to be taken care of, and it was.

Saturday.  The long weekend is looking marvelous.  
No rain in the forecast.  Looking forward to a little trip to 
Las Olas for a little nibble and maybe some adult drinks later 
this afternoon.  Mode of transportation is the water trolley 
which for us is a free service.  Could not get any better.

Our mornings begin with tea and coffee on the balcony.  
Arvid feels as if he's back in Mexico sitting on the 
balcony observing daily life.  Happy times.

Wishing everyone here in the US a 
happy Memorial Day Weekend.

As America celebrates Memorial Day, we pay 
tribute to those who have given their lives in our nation's wars.
  The average American is nothing if not patriotic...