May 30, 2019

Busy Thursday ~

Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute...

Busy day here at home.  Seems every time we are 
ready to go somewhere, something ALWAYS pops up at
 the last minute.  I am sure it is the same for everyone. 
 Lots of running around today.  Both Arvid and
 I each have chores to take care of.

Sniff has been very aware of something going on. 
 He's been a little too quiet and sulky, if cats sulk, then
 Sniff has been sulking a little.  Maybe he thinks we
 are leaving him again.  This time he goes with us.  

I'm already not too happy thinking about leaving
 him for so long when we go to Norway.  For me
 this is always the most stressful part.  Leaving
 him a few days is OK, but so long I hate it.  

Sniff's pet-sitter in Chicago is also going away the
 same time as we are is even more stressful.  Anna,
 his pet-sitter and family are from Spain and the 
also take a month off. Now to find another sitter.

Today I feel a lot better compared to what I was.
 Cough still there, but not as "violent" as it has been. 
Today I tried Uber Eats for the first time. 
 Have to the service was pretty good.

 Maybe a new trend for us?  Arvid does
 not like delivered foods.  Says it's not hot enough. 
Too bad because I did not feel like cooking nor 
did I feel like going out to eat.  Works great.

 I also told him that tomorrow I will not be cooking.
No delivery, tomorrow I think I am ready to go 
out and have a good meal at a restaurant.

Still lots to do, but as they say, if it weren't
 for the last minute I won't get anything done.

The best preparation for tomorrow 
is doing your best today...