May 8, 2019

Wednesday ~

Being negative only makes the journey
more difficult.  You may be given a cactus,
 but you don't have to sit on it...

Halfway into the week already.  Kimsy left on
 the red eye yesterday morning.  She’s graduating
 from Yale University in less than 10 days.  

We were so happy to have her with us for a short time.  
As Arvid said, “ she’s so calm and peaceful to be with.”  I 
love that Arvid has gotten to know Danielle, Reshma, and now
  Kimsy a little better, and in each he sees remarkable qualities.

  Kimsy left Florida and is having a few days with 
friends in Myrtle Beach. Reshma is still working on finals.  
She will be done with them on Friday and then leaves for 
Europe for a little break with friends as well.  I’m so proud
 of all of them. Danielle is also leaving for Europe in
 June with Max.   Everyone is now so grown up.

Here all is quiet and calm.  There is rain everyday,
 but that is how it is during summer.  It has rained on
 and off every single day in May.  Arvid commented that it
looks like fall.  The skies are mostly always dark. I don’t 
mind the rain as long as we are indoors.  Luckily we have 
managed to get our walks in before the afternoon rains.

Yesterday we took Sniff to the vet.  Just a regular
 check up, and it so happened he was not eating as he 
usually does.  Vet and the technician fell in love with him. 
Said he was a beautiful kitty and a good patient.

Unfortunately the vet said Sniff was a little “fat.” Imagine
 my outrage   My Sniff is not fat. But to be on the safe
 side we have cut down on his soft foodies, and have bought 
him a different dry food.  Recommended by the vet. 

I still am worried because he is not eating the way he should. 
 Not even close. I have to learn to relax a bit more when it comes
 to Sniff.  It does not help and maybe he senses me stressed.  
After Brutus and Shadow, it take a work to relax when 
something is not going "good" with your fur baby.

Right now we have clear blue skies and the rain has 
not started for the day.  rain is expected in the afternoon.
  Even Arvid these days enjoys his tea on the balcony.  Mornings
 are always so perfect to just sit, relax and savor the moment 
before the business begins.  happy Wednesday all.

Close some doors today.  Not because of pride, incapacity 
or arrogance,but simply because they lead you nowhere...