May 11, 2019

Road Trip ~

Don't call it a dream.  Call it a plan...

Today Arvid and I take a little trip to Key Largo.  We 
have discovered this very cute little place right on 
the water and it's where we always stay.

From times before, the 
below picture is of the beach 
cabin we usually stay in. 

  Just a few steps to the beach and right
 next door  to the venue we listen to music.
  Of course we go for the music,  but we also
have the day to discover and explore 

a little on our own before
 the music in the evening.

Looking forward to capturing
some amazing sunsets later 
on today.  Happy Saturday all.
We are on vacation mode. 

You can shake the sand from your shoes, but not from
 your soul.  Life isn't where you go, but who you go with...