May 6, 2019

New Week ~

No matter who tries to teach you lessons 
about life you won't understand it until
 you go through it on your own. ..

Monday again and starting out the week with
an even bigger smile.  My sister and Kimsy
 are here today and we already have a full day
planned. happy they spent the night with us.

Arvid of course wants to meet us for lunch, so
 will see how that goes. If we do Indian then
 Arvid most likely is out. Who knows?

As we get older we appreciate so much more and 
we come to realize that it is always the simple things 
in life that bring us the most pleasure and happiness.

 I look at J and I see a young man who has gone 
through so much, and who took all his life experiences 
to make him an even better person.  I see 
it in all my nieces and nephews. 

They have learnt that life is not only about 
receiving, but also about reciprocating.  About
 being grateful and thankful.  I am proud of each
 and everyone of them for they know what true
kindness, humility and gratitude is.

The little time I have with my family makes it 
even more special.  I am grateful for it always and I try
 to always make each moment count.  I have learnt that it is
 not how much time you have together that counts, but it
 is how you spend the time you have together that matters.

We all had a very good yesterday.  Nirvana took
us all out for lunch.  A few Margaritas there, and we
 were already happy.  We all came back to our home, and
 from there we took the boat over to las Olas.  I never thought
 I would see Arvid walking in the rain and laughing.

We had the best time, and looking forward to more today.
After a very good time, we came home.  J had to leave (sad),
but Kimsy and Nirvana stayed.  Kimsy and Arvid watched
TV while my sister and I chatted away the evening.
 Best time ever.Sniff of course was all over them.

Hello Monday.  Be prepared to be AMAZING!
 Kimsy coming was a total surprise.  So happy
we get to see her.  Love them all so much.

That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all,
 and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing...