May 14, 2019

Hot Days ~

There's definitely healing properties to being in 
proximity to the ocean and that breeze. There's something
 about that Caribbean climate and humidity...

Summer weather is in full swing already here in Florida.
  At least here in Fort Lauderdale.  It is hot, humid and sticky
 already, and it seems like the rainy season is in full swing. 

 Everyday it rains a bit.  And if you know Florida, 
when it rains it rains like crazy.  There is lightning and thunder. 
 Sniff is really scared of thunder, and runs under the bed.  We
 had trained Brutus to not be afraid of thunder.  Arvid did, and 
he's trying to do the same with Sniff.  Can take some time.

It's getting a little too uncomfortable to do our afternoon walks.  
I'm trying to convince Arvid to use the gym.  He said
 maybe he can try out the treadmill.  After all we do
 have a pretty nice gym in the condo. Will see.

Staying indoors most of the day.  At least this way we will 
stay cool.  Come July we will be in Norway.  There is NO air
 conditioning there, and if last year was any indication,
 then it will be another scorching month, but on the
 other hand we will be with family so makes it OK.
  Today I am thankful for air conditioning.

Stay cool everyone.  Remember to keep yourself 
hydrated at all times.  Happy Tuesday to all, after
 all, life is beautiful, and we must be grateful for 
another day. What are you grateful for today?

Florida humidity: It's so hot even the air is sweating.
Sand and sun.  Summer has begun..