May 16, 2019

It Is What You Make It ~ Life

We are not given a good or a bad life.  We are 
given a life.  It's up to us to make it good or bad...

My day started with two doctors appointments. Boring, but 
something I have to do.  Recheck on my thyroid levels.  Didn't go
 so good, but after all it's a hit and miss at times with the medication.  
Once again new medication has been ordered.  A few other not
so good things as well, but gotta deal with it.  Only way.

On top of everything it was pouring most of the morning.
On the good side that's all done and next time I see my
 doctors will be in October.  A few months of no doctors.  
No blood work.  Happy times.  Happy for that.

When I was done, (4 hours later) Arvid took me to lunch.
  Even better because I did not have to cook and clean.  Boy 
the day sure is going good, and then there is later on.

Best of all I have leftovers to nibble on.  
According to Arvid, who read the rain statistics
 it usually rains 22 days in May.  Oh well.

So far this is very accurate.  It has rained almost every
 single day since May began.  Good thing is that the rain
does not interfere with Sniff's naps.  He's a happy boy.

We must have a lucky star because when it was
 time for lunch the rain miraculously stopped.  Making
 it possible for us to sit on the outside and enjoy
 a pleasant afternoon.  Life sure is good.

Wishing everyone happy times always. We make
 our own happiness.  At least we always try to.

Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be...