Oct 17, 2019

Everyday Is A Good Day ~

The only difference between a good 
day and a bad day is your attitude...

Happy hour on a Wednesday.  Does not get any better than this.

Started with my favorite, a Pina Colada, 
but then I could not resist the watermelon Mojito.
  All of a sudden it is now a favorite.

Yesterday I started going to the gym again.
  I hope to be consistent.  I have already had one of my
many checkups since coming back to Florida.

 Unfortunately, my thyroids are not working well.
I have a very high TSH level.  I should be
at a .4 -.1   Unfortunately I am at a 2.37

From what I have read and what the doctors have
 told me, weight gain is what I have to look forward to.
It's been an uphill battle since getting thyroid cancer.

 In under 2 months I went up 4 sizes, and no matter
how much I try I just can't seem to get rid of it.  I'm
bummed out at times, but I will continue to do
whatever I can to help the situation.

I have been given a new dosage of mt Thyroid meds.
One can always hope that one day it will be regulated.
  Since the cancer, it has been a roller coaster.

  There are days I am totally exhausted without
having done much.  Then there are days I just can't
 seem to control what I eat.  It's just one day at a time
 and I'm not winning the battle of the bulge.

Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy...