Oct 19, 2019

Hello Saturday~

A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose...

After a busy day running around, yesterday turned
out to be a very good day for us.  Especially for Arvid. 
 He had one of his favorites, baby back ribs.

When he was done, there was not a shred of meat on
 the bones, and he ate the entire rack without any problems.

 He also ate all of the garlic rolls.  After that meal,
 let's just say he was not able to move for quite 
some time.  I had my usual.  Chicken wings.

Saturday.  Lots of soccer games today for Arvid.  
Both he and Sniff are happy little dudes.  Arvid will 
watch and Sniff will sleep either on him or by him.  
Either way he's a happy boy.  They both are.

It's a beautiful morning here.  Wishing everyone a great 
weekend.  Remember calories don't count on the weekends.

May your weekend be filled with positive 
thoughts, kind people and happy moments...