Oct 29, 2019

So Happy ~

Love is that condition in which the happiness
 of another person is essential to your own...

When we landed in Puerto Rico I saw a very different
  Arvid from the usual.  Usually as soon as we get 
somewhere he finds fault in that place. 

 For instance, we land in Norway and his first comment
 is, "it's so backwards here.  Everything is so small.
 "Don't they believe in bigger spaces?"

  Just a few of his not so happy about things. 
 Don't get me wrong, he finds something in every 
place we go.  For instance I know when we get back
 to Florida he will be saying how bad the drivers are,
 too much traffic and yes, "so hot here."  

That's why, I was pleasantly surprised when the first
 thing out of his mouth was, "I already like it here."  It's still
 early in our trip so hopefully that does not change.

In the meantime we have enjoyed the cool ocean 
breezes.  Time with my sister, a delicious Puerto Rican 
meal, some shopping and investigating our surroundings, 
and that was just yesterday.  I am super happy
 and can't wait to see what today holds.

There's nothing like deep breaths after 
laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a 
sore stomach for the right reasons...