Oct 6, 2019

Sunday ~

Life is good: small things make me smile
 and good people make me laugh.  Life is good 
because I decided to make it that way...

We picked Danielle yesterday.  She came
over to watch Sniff while we go to Las Vegas and
 California.  Sniff is actually curling up alongside of her.
Guess he remembers her and considers her OK.

Yesterday we all went out to lunch.  J, Max,
Danielle, Arvid and I. It was a very good time.  Of
course we took the boat over to the other side of the river.
  Our first trip across the river since coming back home.

This morning I also picked up my sister Nirvana
from the airport.  She will be spending the day with her
 son J, and later on in the evening will be boarding
 the same flight as Arvid and I to Las Vegas.

Sniff is happy.  Someone will be home with
 him at all times.  Though he will be sleeping most
of the time, he will also be happy to know that
Danielle is around to keep him company.

Looking forward to an exciting week in Vegas
 and California.  It's been a long time that four out
 of five sisters will all be together.  You know what
 they say, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Goodbye reality helloooo Las Vegas.

It is up to you to see the beauty in everyday 
things.  Because when you stop and look
 around this life is pretty amazing...