Oct 20, 2019

Happy Sunday ~

There is no hope unmingled with fear, no fear unmingled with hope.
Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment 
that something else is more important than fear...

Lately it's been too many people I actually know
 or know of who have been diagnosed with one form 
of cancer or another.  It does not matter who you
 are, what you have, CANCER spares no one. 

 The most recent was my former classmates 15 
year old daughter.  Just 15 and she died.  Cancer took
 her away from her daddy, mommy and all these who
 loved her.  Cancer robbed her of the chance to live.

It's already Sunday.  Soccer on later on in the day
so Arvid is happy.  Sniff as well because
he will be fast asleep on his dadas lap.

From our balcony we are fortunate to be able to
 watch some amazing sunsets.  yesterday's did not
disappoint.  I am happiest with the little things in life. 

Sunsets being one, and right now I look forward to
 some peaceful, quiet time with my coffee and Sniff.
  Arvid is still asleep.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Wake up every morning with the thought that
 something wonderful is about to happen. 
Sometimes your heart needs to accept what your
 mind already knows.  Good morning all...