Oct 15, 2019

Still A Little Tired ~

My hard work finally catching up with perfect timing...

Being back home feels good.  We are enjoying a few of
 our favorite things here as well.  Walks along the New River, 
restaurants and yes we are busy again.  I love it.  We have
 already cleaned the house we have for sale, and made it 
ready for an open house this Sunday, weather permitting.

Arvid, Sniff and I have been a bit jet lagged after Vegas. 
 Yesterday all three of us were actually very tired and we
 all kinda snoozed as we were watching a program on TV.  
This was early in the afternoon.  Not usual for us to
 all doze off at the same time, during the day.

Sniff is just loving being home and always finding a 
spot in the sunshine.  I love watching him just lay
 in the sun and doze off.  That being said, his 
favorite spot is always next to Arvid.

Soon it's time for our walk.  In about 
an hour's time it should be a little "cooler" 
perfect for an afternoon walk along the river.

You gotta know when to be lazy. Done correctly, 
it's an art form that benefits everyone...