Oct 4, 2019

Weekend Vibes Here ~

People are just as happy as they
 make up their minds to be...

Since getting back home we have been running
 non-stop.  So much to do and the time does 
not seem to be enough to fit everything in. 
 I am very happy but very exhausted.

  Both Arvid and I have loaded and unloaded boxes 
from one warehouse to another, and then we have both
 gone our own ways to do our individual chores.  It does
 not help that the bridge is always open.  Slows us down
 a bit. Long days, but like I said good to be home.

Looking forward to just sitting for a while and 
doing absolutely noting today.  It's Friday.  We are 
exhausted, and our wish is to collapse on the recliner,
 and just watch some TV.  Sniff is doing great, so
that makes everything else seem unimportant.

Wishing everyone a happy Friday
 and a great weekend ahead.

The only limits in life are the ones you make...