Oct 5, 2019

Saturdazze ~

In football (soccer) as in watchmaking, 
talent and elegance mean nothing
 without rigor and precision....

Arvid loves his TV, and he has Sniff hooked as well.  
These two watch TV from 7 P.M until 10:30 at which
 point Arvid and I watch a show on Netflix for
 another hour. It's cute to see them together.

Today Arvid's day is filled with soccer.  Somehow the chores
 will not be taking priority during game time, but that's
fine, we all need our relaxed time, and this is Arvid's.

Yesterday we found some time to sit out on the balcony.
 Watch the boats go by and some.  Everyone did
 what they enjoyed best.  We were all happy.

Looking forward very much to today.  Our first weekend
back home in Florida and it promises to be a good one.

Today is 3 years and 11 months our Brutus died.
How I miss that kitty.  He took a piece of my heart.

Wishing everyone a good day and may
 you always live in interesting times.

Every man has his secret sorrows which 
the world knows not;  and often times we 
call a man cold when he is only sad...