Oct 14, 2019

Start Of A New Week ~

New week.  make sure you focus on the 
few things that matter and move forward...

As the new week begins, never forget all the
 things in life one should be grateful for.  We must 
not forget that even though life at times is very difficult, 
we have the privilege to wake up to another day and to 
make things right,  Not everyone is as fortunate.

 Never forget that there is always someone,
 somewhere, wishing they had what/who you have.
 Don’t take things and people for granted. 

Remember, what you take for granted, 
someone else is praying for. Happiness never
 comes to those who don’t appreciate what 
they already have. Don’t wait until what 
you HAVE becomes what you HAD.

Hello Monday.  Let's do this
 and let it be AWESOME!!

Happiness isn't about getting what
 you want all the time.  It's about loving 
what you have and being grateful for it...