Oct 13, 2019

Sunday To Relax ~

The magic thing about home is that it feels good 
to leave, and it feels even better to come back...

Always good to be back home no matter where we go. 
 Our Las Vegas-California trip was a fun time.  I got 
to enjoy time with my sisters, Anna and Arvid.

Our first stop on the way to California was to my 
friend's Anna's home.  We were met with a little feast.  
Anna being Anna made quite the meal for us, and everyone
 ended up with a present.  Now myself and all my sisters 
have something from California given to us by Anna.

Of course I got reacquainted with Anna's fur babies,
  Bowe Bowe and Edwina.  Fortunately for me, 
they seemed to like me and I love them.

It was lots of fun to walk the strip with my sisters 
and Arvid. Together we had a lot of fun and shared
 laughter.  An experience I will always remember.

That being said, it's so good to be back home.  
To sleep in our own bed and to have breakfast at home. 
 It's been too many days eating out.  Now we look 
forward to eating at home for a while.  Danielle left 
this morning.  It's quiet and we like quiet best.

Wishing everyone a relaxing day.  The simple things
 in life are the ones that brings the most joy and 
makes us the happiest.  Everyday.  Always.

The mind should be allowed some relaxation,
that it may return to its work all the better for the rest...