Oct 24, 2019

Just Because ~

Be silly.  Be fun.  Be different.  Be crazy. Be you, 
because life is too short to be anything but happy...

Every time we go driving and I drive my car seems to 
think I need a rest.  I always get the following warning:

Arvid of course says that i do sway too much.
  Hmmm.. maybe he has a point.  No matter what I do 
or how I do it, the warning keeps popping up.

Every so often I take time out to do a little facial. 
 My sister bought us all this mud mask and i love it. 

 After every use my face feels rejuvenated and so 
smooth and soft.  Arvid says I scare him and Sniff.

Did the swap Shop already for this week and you 
guessed it.  I had my coconut again. Growing up in the
tropics in South America and then in the island of Puerto Rico,
one learns to appreciate the finer things in life, like
 the taste of coconut water on a hot day.

Arvid works and Sniff is always next to him helping.
Like Brutus, Sniff is a little helper.  So so cute.

Yesterday's lunch with Liliana was good. 
 We had good food, lots of laughter, some tears,
 but most of all we had happy times.  Again.

A new day begins and it is already very warm,
 but I don't care anymore.  I love being home.  
I am really tired of moving around so much.

Never stop learning because life never stops 
teaching. Just because you have a bad day
 doesn't mean you have a bad life...